Gulf of Morbihan

Considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world: the Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula.

Mor Bihan : « little sea » in Breton

Sheltered from the wind in southern Brittany, the Gulf of Morbihan is a natural harbour on the coast. It is a magical place where the sea, land and sky blend into the everchanging landscapes. The Gulf of Morbihan is a member of the «Club of the most beautiful bays in the world».

The « Mor-Bihan », or small sea in Breton, was invaded by the Atlantic seas several thousand years ago where the rivers had already cut into the banks. This is why the ocean ventures so far inland towards Vannes and Auray via typical Breton rias, encircling what were once hills, like an archipelago: île aux Moines, île d’Arz and numerous rocky and wooded islets and islands some of which boast a fishermen’s hamlet or simply flocks of birds.

A 1 kilometre gap between Port Navalo (in Arzon) and Locmariaquer separates the « Mor-Bihan » from the ocean.

You can visit this unique site by boat on an organised tour. Several boat companies offer a choice of excursions throughout the year.

During your tour, you can island hop and relax on the beach on Ile aux Moines or hire a bike to tour the island.

Every 4 years a big sailing event is organised called «semaine du Golfe». For a few days over the Ascension weekend you can admire the boats and various flotillas around the Gulf which return to the ports in the evening where the festivities continue.

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