The alignments of standing stones: historic monuments

Discover Carnac’s alignments along the numerous marked paths: Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan alignments.

The « maison des mégalithes » near the Ménec site offers guided tours. The car park offers plenty of parking spaces.

Composition of the alignments

The main alignments of standing stones are (from West to East) : Ménec, Kermario, Kerlescan and Le Petit Ménec. In each alignment, the menhirs are placed in ascending order from the East.

Ménec alignments

These alignments represent the largest ensemble of menhirs : 1.1 km long, 1099 menhirs spread over 11 rows. The largest stones stand 4 metres tall.

Kermario and le Manio alignments

This alignment is the most well known and the most visited in Carnac. This is where you will find the largest menhirs. There are 10 rows of a total of 982 stones.

Head for the Moulin de Kermaux which offers a great view of the alignments.
The quadrilateral Manio alignment is located nearby and comprises several blocks of granite standing 1 metre tall.
You will also find the Géant du Manio (Giant of Manio) which is 6 metres tall ! Free access.
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